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Hyperthermia: FDA Phase I (Collective)

No Adverse Effects

  • HIV/Aids n=36, 40.0 – 42.0°C.

  • HIV RNA and CD4 counts improved.

  • Stage IV Lung Cancer n=10, 42.0°C +/- 0.6 °C  survival prolonged to median 450 days.

  • Stage IV Lung Cancer n=4, 42.0°C one dose no AE (stopped locally for immunoRx trials.

  • Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Trial n=10 (42.0°C, 26 Rx), survival prolonged to a median of 633 days.

Hyperthermia Therapeutic Window 42°C for 120 mins. (lung, Ovarian and Colon)

 Ann Thorac Surg. 2004; 77(6):1916

Induced Systematic Hyperthermia

  • Extracorporeal circuit warms blood to a target temperature (42°)

  • Veno-Venous temperature-controlled blood perfusion with return to the right heart

  • The right heart perfuses the lungs (surface area the size of a tennis court) which serves as a radiator to evenly distribute the heat

  • The left heart then perfuses the whole body, including insulated areas; bone marrow, brain and mediastinum

HEATT™ UTMB Galveston End Stage Lung Cancer Trial

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