Right to Try Laws


  • The Federal Government enacted The Right to Try Law on May 30, 2018.

  • The Law permits/allows eligible patients to have access to qualify investigative drugs and therapies.

  • Eligible Patients:

       -  Been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or condition.

       -  Exhausted approved treatment options and are unable to participate in a clinical trial involving eligible investigative drugs or therapies – must be certified by a physician.

       -  Provide a written consent.

  • Qualified Drugs and Therapies:

       -  A Phase 1 clinical trial has been completed.

       -  Has not been approved or licensed by the FDA for any use.

       -  An application has been filed with the FDA or is under investigation in a clinical trial that is intended to form the primary basis of a claim of effectiveness in support of the FDA.

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